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The Apartment Medellin was founded by Andrew Campion, who has over 10 years of experience in Colombia. The company helps its clients by providing the most comprehensive information available regarding furnished apartment rentals in Medellin. At The Apartment Medellin, we believe there is a growing need for a personalized luxury service for individuals who demand the best. We understand that your time is important and we aim to make the process of renting in Medellin easier than it’s ever been before.

Andrew Campion Founder - Director of Marketing

Andrew Campion is an Australian entrepreneur who founded the first luxury apartment rental business in Medellin in 2005 and set the industry standard for excellence which he continues to this day.

With over 10 years of experience in the local real estate market, Andrew, along with his professional staff and associates, are able to offer the most comprehensive information available regarding property investment and furnished rentals in Medellin.

Nancy López Head of Property Management

Nancy is a Business Administrator from Universidad Autonoma of Bucaramanga and has a Masters in Direction of Digital Marketing from European Institute of Postgraduate in Spain.

She has 18 years of work experience and has worked as Director of Hotel Operation in San Fernando Hotel and Dann Carlton Hotel, she also has experience in Digital Marketing and Commercial Area Management with emphasis on marketing and sales.

Bruna Lima Portfolio Manager

Bruna Lima is from Brazil but she feels that she has a paisa heart. She studied International Relations and Marketing & Communication and her work experience has been focused at the hotel sector. Bruna Likes to travel and to know new places.

She is the Portfolio Manager, and has as her main responsibility the attention to the owners of the apartments, she is part of the PM team and her direct boss is Nancy Lopez.

Eliana Guerra PM Administrative Assistant

Eliana Guerra is a Business Administrator from Universidad de Medellín, she has work experience in the billing area at companies such as Flamingo. In her spare time she enjoys reading, swimming, listening to music and exploring new places.

Eliana is the Property Management assistant and her direct boss is Nancy López. You can reach her at eliana.g@apartmentinternational.com

Yudy Gil Booking Agent

Yudy Gil was born in Medellin and studied Fashion and Textile Design. She has done a bit of everything since then: worked for a fashion design company, later on as an english teacher and then she decided to run her own business selling and buying collectibles online all over the world for four years.

In 2011 she became Manager at two companies of geophysics and drilling services for the mining industry, which she really enjoyed and this job gave her even more experience in customer service. Yudy has lived all her life in Medellin and would love to visit other countries in the near future.

Now that she’s part of our Property Management team she’s proud to say she will stay with us to enrich our company with her energy, enthusiasm and joy.

John Duque Booking Agent

John lived for 14 years in the US before returning to Colombia. In Medellin he attended Maria Cano University where he majored in international business.

As FAR International employee John also has been instrumental in forging valuable relationships with local realtors, developers and making important business contacts. John has assumed the role of property manager for more than 65 property listings.

This important service is very important as almost 50% of FAR International buyers want a reliable property manager to manage their properties when they are not in Medellin. John has raised the bar for his positition through his dedication, dependability, honesty and work ethic. John can be reached on the following local cell phone number 311 767 2038.

Francisco Mendoza Technical Assistant

Francisco Mendoza is 22 years old. He studied Touristic Administration at Universidad de Medellin and he is currently studying Marketing at the same university. He has one year of work experience in hotels and digital marketing, six months in travel agencies and one year experience in logistics for sales and events. He also likes technology tools and programming, spending time with his friends and playing basketball.

Francisco is the Technical Assistant for Property Management and you can reach him at francisco.m@apartmentinternational.com

Cristhian Obando Head of Maintenance

Cristhian is born and raised in Medellin and taught himself English. Prior to joining FAR International he spent five years as a technical specialist for a company in the Monterrey electronics mall in El Poblado.

He has been a great addition to the property management group as well as assisting in obtaining and preparing residential listings. He is fearless on his motorcycle, skateboard and on the soccer field. He brings those same energies to his work.

Cristhian can be reached on the following local cell phone number 313 627 8616 or at cristhian.o@apartmentinternational.com

Santiago Alvarez Quality Control Coordinator

Santiago learned English on his own, he is now studying Foreign Languages at the University of Antioquia, He is an outgoing person, very passionate about customer service and likes dealing face to face with people.

Santiago can be reached on the following local cell phone number 312 784 2567 or at santiago.a@apartmentinternational.com

Anyelo Molina Guest Manager

Anyelo Molina is from Medellín, he studied Graphic Design at CESDE and has work experience in customer service in the hotel sector. In his spare time, he enjoys doing sports, going to the movies, traveling, and spending time with his family and friends.

Anyelo is the Professional Guest Manager, he will be part of the Property Management team and his priority will be to give service to the apartments guest issues.


Fausto Da Silva Portfolio Manager

Fausto Silva was born and raised in Portugal. He’s a world-traveler and has lived in several countries before arriving to Colombia.

He graduated in Tourism Management and has worked in several tourism and event management companies for the last 6 years. He got married with a Colombian and decided to come to Bogota in 2014. You can reach him at fausto.s@apartmentinternational.com

luisa Silva Booking Agent

Luisa is from Bogota and she is currently studying Statistics at Universidad Santo Tomás. She considers herself a quiet, analytical and a logic person. She has more than five years of work experience in the hotel and customer service industry.

Luisa has traveled around many countries in South America since one of her passions is traveling with no limits; she is also a big fan of good food and an animal lover.

Luisa is our new Booking Agent for Apartment International at our FAR International office in Bogota and you can contact her at luisa.s@apartmentinternational.com


Andrea Ochoa Director of Guest Experience

Andrea studied Public Relations – Marketing, and Business Administration. She has five years of experience in property management, vacation rentals, sales, marketing and condo maintenance.

She is the Director of Guest Experience, currently working on structuring the PM Department at Cartagena city. You can reach her at andrea.o@farinternational.com


Rodrigo Arias Property Management Administrative

Rodrigo Arias is 21 years old and is from Cali, Colombia. He has 3 years of work experience at hotels in Chile, and 1 year in Colombia. He loves to dance salsa, to play football and is a passionate for Customer Service.

Rodrigo is the new PM Administrator for our office in Cali and you can reach him at rodrigo.a@apartmentinternational.com