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Select from 20+ tours and activities we offer in Medellín, Cartagena and Bogota. Our Guest Experience Application allows you to select the perfect experience for you, friends or family. Select our bilingual and professional guides to provide you with a private tour of Pablo Escobar´s life in Medellín or rent a private yacht to soak in the sun off the coast of the Rosario Islands in Cartagena.

Each tour can be scheduled online and paid with credit card so that your plans are confirmed before arriving. No more hassles of searching for reliable providers or waiting for confirmation while enjoying your visit. By booking direct through our Guest Experience Application you get immediate confirmation, a dedicated concierge to ensure your needs are taken care of and the service guarantee of Latin Hosts, our guest experience partner. Also each tour and activity comes with medical insurance.

Personal Drivers During Your Stay

You can also hire a bilingual driver to guide you through town or translate for you at appointments. Avoid the hassle of driving in Latin America and enjoy professional treatment from our drivers. Our drivers can be hired on an hourly basis or you can book one of the unique tours and activities that have been curated for our Guests.

Sample of Medellín Tours and Activities

Graffiti and Comuna 13 Tour            Life of Pablo Escobar            Guatape and Peñol Rock

Sample of Cartagena Tours and Activities

Scuba Training and 2 Dives            Historical City Tour            Private Boat For The Day

Ensuring Your Visit Exceeds Expectations

To access our Guest Experience Application for all the tours and Activities in Medellín or Cartagena and then connect again once you have booked your visit.

Our Guest Experience Application also provides curated information on the best of the city. Discover unique experiences, local events, souvenirs and services. Also access recommendations and book reservations at the top restaurants and nightlife in town. The Latin Hosts team is available via the app to create curated experiences for you and answer any questions you may have. We at Apartment International ensure your property stay is excellent and comfortable, while our partner Latin Hosts ensures experiences exceed all expectations.